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How Safe Is It To Download Nintendo Wii Games From Filesharing Networks?

Written By: RSmaster on December 8, 2009 2 Comments

A friend is downloading Wii games with bittorrent.
How safe is that?
How commonly are they nasty?
What can a nasty version do?

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2 Responses to “How Safe Is It To Download Nintendo Wii Games From Filesharing Networks?”

  1. Michael G says on: 8 December 2009 at 9:02 pm

    Thats illegal and it wont work unless you have a modchip, or are using wii backup launcher, a homebrew app. and yes, they’ll F*** up your computer bad if they have viruses which a lot of these sites generously give to you. So my answer is, don’t do it. Its stupid and wont work but might still destroy your computer. Hope i helped!

  2. Superpap says on: 8 December 2009 at 9:09 pm

    It is illegal I know that. But to make sure it’s safe download a virus scanner (Kaspersky is the best, Not Norton or McAfee) and download the file to your comp. . Then Scan the file for viruses and if it’s safe download it to your Wii, either off a disc or the Internet channel. Make sure you download the exact same one just in case.
    Oh, and a nasty version can put a virus (crashes System, never will work again) + spyware (Looks at all you’re personal details and steals identity).

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