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Cipollini NK1K review Find out more about bike pump with hose by checking out best portable mountain bike pump. Overall rating:

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Cipollini NK1K


* Italian prestige
* Really stiff
* Aggressive geometry
* Anyhow caps that are top
Choose your spec
* Directmount brakes
* Great tackling
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* Seatpost clamp cover is fussy
* Expensive
* Much less aero as Venge ViAS or even a Trek Madone

In Addition to also a World Championship and having190 victories to his name Is among the eccentric and most flamboyant characters biking has seen. His bicycles are still an extensionof paint jobs which reflect hispassion such as fashion and his character forhis sprinting looks and his livelihood.


The Cipollini NK1K is a race system with geometry that has had a sprinter’s input. The pile is reduced, 554mm within our framework, which will be roughly a centimetrelower than race bicycles that are 56cm.

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The Cipollini NK1K has integrated caps of different heights that Enable you achieve the look that was slammed and to increase the pile

A feature is a selection of headset coversthatallow one to attain the look of a stem that is slammed if you would like to run spacers and increase the stack. Spacers can be used in addition to this spacers in case you need to elevate the stem. Rememberthat with each spacer additional Mario Cipollini dies just a little piece inside.

The NK1K has the best cap

The framework utilises T1000 Toray fibers, exactly the carbon utilized Colnago and by Pinarello within their frames. The carbon layup is observable through the laquer in areas and caliber is exquisite. The Cipollini NK1K is created for brakes and there’sa version.

The Cipollini NK1K has brakes back and front. There is a variant that is discbrake

The seatpost clamp includes a cover held in place. This pay feels unnecessary and is a fiddle–I want to find on what’s otherwise a beautifully that a neater solution.

Wheel clearance is excellent, with distance for tyres should you need it. The bracket is a BB386 Evo, which in 2011 has been released as a standard. It’s created for a 30mm spindle but can accommodate 24mm by means of inserts and really utilizes the identical bearing standard as seen in BBright underside brackets.The key idea behind BB386 Evo is the fact that it has broader bearing spacing compared to most other press match criteria, which mechanical technology indicates should lead to a milder platform.

The BB386 Evo bottom bracket around the Cipollini NK1K is Meant to offer stiffness

See — that aerobike is the quickest?

The Cipollini NK1K isn’t the frameset. The priorities below are aerodynamics and stiffness, together with the framework hitting the scales. A kilo is weighundered by framesets within this price bracket.


Cipollini bicycles are sold letting you pick your components. Our test bike was fitted using Ultegra Di2, Ritchey kit and Fast Forward F4R clinchers. There are paint schemes an choice to customise the paint. The standard of finish is top notch on gold and the NK1Ks I’ve seen and my favourite was black.


The framework is all suited by the components and lead to a bundle without any deficiencies. Aero pub and even the Superlogic stem contribute to stiffness and aerodynamics. The whole weight for this construct with pedals is 7.60 kgs. Commendable way a featherweight.

The ride

The NK1K feels to be an race system. It stiff once you bank it hard into corners at speed, round the bottom bracket and head tube, that translates into managing. The rigidity, combinded with low front end ends and the directmount brakes excels on descents. The stiffness makes the NK1K an perfect pick for riders and sprinters that prefer to drop watt bombs that are large.


With angular and integration, edged tube segments Instead of Kammtailed aerofoils, on paper that the Cipollini NK1K Doesn’t Seem to Be as aerodynamically . Together with all the NK1K not feeling whenever trialling along out on the street that is verified. If you would like outrightperformance you will find quicker bikes.However, the NK1K does posses some thing the American superbikes do not:undiluted, testosteronefuelledItalian excitement. Similar to a Lamborghini, the NK1K combinesjust the quantity of functionality and outrageousness.

Whether using parked up in a cafe stop or its tubenonchalantly sat on in a race start line, the Cipollini NK1K draws admiring stares. It does not feel sprightly whenever you’re gassing it but the stiffness of the framework does translate to power transfer.


The Cipollini NK1K buyer isn’t obsessed with value for the money. The purchase price of 4,400 quoted here is to get the frameset just and with no question for the identical price you will find milder bikes out there with much more costly components. They are not a Cipo. This carbon’s layup is observable through the laquer on areas of the framework and the standard of ‘made in Italy’ structure arguably will help justify the price.

It would lead to the NK1K if you could distil Mario Cipollini down to bicycle shape. It is not suited to climbs although Italian stiff, competitive, attentionseeking, but excels on descents and sprints. The Cipollini NK1K is made. There are bicycles, there are bikes, but the NK1K is worth consideration if you would like a bike that combines flair geometry stiffness and is trendy.


7.6 kg

Custom and different options

Total Ultegra Di2

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